Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sewing !

Quick sewing projects!

Simple idea to keep track of your headphones!    LOVED these!

   My own creation- Riley always loves helping in the kitchen so we decided that he needed his own reversible apron  :)

 Prince Poki, fabulous he, King of Lambert land.  (I have Aladdin songs stuck in my head  hahaha)
 Im still unsure why they feel they need to test everything I make  lol.  Quality Control  I guess  haha!

 Pouf! Poof? Puff?  Not sure  but I found this pattern on Pinterest and my kids LOVE them, so awesome for hanging around, and avoid sitting on the cold floor.  Also doubles as a pet bed.  Chicka Approved.  :)

 A blanket I'm Making for a great friend Jen and her new puppy Kali!!
Head Phone Pouches!

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